Research Topic: The effect of industrialization on shaping Le Corbusier’s work of modern housing with respect to the analysis of “5 points of architecture”.

“Mass production demands a search for standards”

The standardization, mass-production, and overall industrialization of architectural construction were subjects that Le Corbusier considered as an issue for in which he tried to come up with solutions concerning architectural approaches towards modern housing. Furthermore, Le Corbusier established “The Five Points” of architecture, which is simply a list of prescribed elements to be incorporated in design which is a mere checklist of necessary components of design while referring to his writings in L’Esprit Nouveau and Towards a New Architecture.  In addition, I will conduct analysis on Villa Savoye, Curutchet House and Unite d’Habitation. Curutchet House exemplifies Le Corbusier’s five points of architecture and incorporates a ramp and a spiral staircase just like in the example of Villa Savoye, for this part I will investigate the aftermath of the elapsed time period and the development of housing in terms of the changing conditions and circumstances within the impact of industrialization and how Le Corbusier adopts certain design solutions as a statement. In the case of Unite d’Habitation, a multi-family residential housing project, which holds sense of mechanistic influence, in addition to the reference of 5 points of architecture.