I have started my research under the topic of house by reading Serbest Plan, Serbest Cephe, Serbest Ev by İlhan Bilgin. There, he would tell the basic principles of Le Corbusier in terms of the free plan and free façade and the process in which how he would achieve that by the usage of pilotis. A free plan comes into life when the role of structure is separated from that of enclosure of spaces. It arises through the use of columns that allow the partitioning of space to follow a logic other than that of the structural grid. The columns play a spatial as well as structural role, defining sub-zones, passage zones, or creating a greater sense of depth in space.

This particular spatial arrangement amazed me and I have continued my research with Cardinal points of Corbusian doctrine. The advanced level of the research progressed with Le Corbusier’s Five Points of Architecture. These points are prescribed elements to be fused in design. The case study of Villa Savoye shows the ultimate achievements of these aspects. In my design, I have tried to make use of these essential elements. The convenience the other elements other than the pilotis enabled me to discover new spatial experiences. The roof garden provided a recreational exterior space. The horizontal window permitted an equal lit from wall to wall.