Vertigo:a dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings or of being intilting or spinning surroundings.

Inspiration in search for interpreting vertigo which is a disease that orginally affects brain functions and leads to dizziness. I have taken inspiration from these illustrations by Federico Babina, in which psychiatric conditions are interpreted withing the contect of housing, specifying these illness’s prominent characteristics.

However I am here to adapt the word ‘vertigo’ into architectural spatial context.


For this keywords, I have come up with a few ideas concerning spatial qualities such as

  • interlocking spaces
  • dinamic continuity
  • different levels
  • blurred visual access
  • complex arrangement

The other keywords is ‘bleeding into the ground’:

  • seperation, estrangement
  • result in a different combination from the original
  • flow of spaces or elements
  • disorder

For the part of combining the relation of the keywords and the case study of the houses, starting with finding and forming the common ground of the houses:

  • transitions through spaces
  • linearity of elements in the façades
  • generally 2 storey, low and broad
  • materials: concrete, wood, glass—-> simple yet essential and informative
  • spaces intact with each other
  • related and in relation with the site & the nature

As for the collage, first step was to form the outline, since these houses were informative in spatial content but not that grand scale and rather sat on a convinient area, the dimesions of my frame was short in height and long in width. Also, taking in consideration of vertigo and the flow of spaces and how they are aware of each other, I decided to make linear and complex spaces overlapped to each other. As for the other keyword ‘bleeding into the ground’ the separation of  Mobius diagram which contains the most interlocked but unstitched spaces seemed a like proper approach the distinguish this action.

ARCH202_Digital Collage_Merve ŞANLI