Tensegrity: the property of skeleton structures that employ continuous tension members and discontinuous compression members in such a way that each member operates with the maximum efficiency and economy.
Tensegrity structures consist of bars to carry compression and cables to carry tension. The compression bars are not supposed to touch each other. The structure should be in equilibrium under any position it is placed.

Tensegrity Structure examples

How I made a 6 bar tensegrity structure:
First, I have cut 6 bars of 10 cm long from balsa stick. Then I have put a notch to each of them on the opposite sides from the middle in order to put an elastic band that would be inside the notch. The elastic bands acted as a cables between bars where the balsa sticks acted as compression bars.

Then, I have color coded the elastic bands into three groups so that I could easily put the sticks together

Then, I have put the blue colored sticks between the red colored sticks as I have put the blue elastic bands above the red elastic bands in the notches so that they wouldn’t slip away.

After adding the blue ones I have added the green ones to the structure in the same way.

So far all of the endings had two elastic bands attached to other than the red ones. For the last step I have attached the green ones to the red ones and attained a stabilized 6 bar tensegrity structure whihc would deform under other positions.