Analysis of Tuz Gölü:

White eternity, Extraordinary flatness, Axis as a tool, Openness, Flatness

Analysis of Göreme:

Carved out spaces, Designated routes, Units that become a whole


Enclosure in emptiness

Oppurtunity of vista through elevation

The idea was to emphasize the whiteness and openness of Tuz Gölü. My design consisted of two parts. In order to outshine the effect of Tuz Gölü’s flatness&openness&whiteness, I have designed a platform for entrance while eliminating the market area and the gradual transition from road to lake. This why in the platform there is only one entrance shaped like a slit: a ramp that is narrow and have high walls through he lake.I thought that a sudden transition would be suitable for my idea. A change in narrow&high to wide&open could be observed in this platform. Also, the platform is elevated through Tuz Gölü with a 10‰ inclination. This way one could observe the vista from entrance with an elevation getting a wider perspective thus creating an oppurtunity for vista.


Entrance Platform

The second thing is that while walking through with the directionality to Josephine mostly on  Tuz Gölü on and on I felt totally not secure and needed a space for a rest since the only option was to go back in order to have a proper rest which is why I decided on creating resting points throughout the lake. However these spaces should be just for resting or taking a breath, people should not spend so much time in these spaces and should continue walking in the lake which is why they are rather small in area compared to the platform. With this approach I have enhanced the directonality to Josephine, which most people choose to be on already, with spaces by creating a designated route just like in Göreme’s case. Still, within the configuration in these spaces I have provided other unfavored directions just in case to enrich directionality since there is much more to explore in Tuz Gözlü, not just Josephine. In order to indicate the flatness of the lake I have used ramps rather than stairs and kept my structures planar. Another important thing is that, in favor of not spoiling the broadness of the surface of the lake from the entrance, my spaces start from below of the lake level and they are gradually elevated above the lake through the lake. These spaces are set 100 m(may extend) from each other in y-direction. The organisation of the space become more dense through Josephine. There multiple spaces with diverse configuration.

Space #1

Space #2

Space #3

Space #4

During PreJury, I managed to transfer my thoughts just like I have planned and the jury found the idea applicable and successfull as a starting point. Their suggestion was that it would be better if I were to add more slits to entrance and maybe play with their widths or heights in order to explore the potential they would offer. The scale of the spaces will also increase since they were limiting me while trying to give an experience to the user. These spaces will be more intact with each other and enrich in terms of spatial configuration gaining a more specific spatial composition. The thing I did not pay attention was the consistency of scale between models for presentation. The platform was 1/100 where the spaces were 1/25. The jury mentioned that they should be same for understanding since they are on the same site. This might be the major reason that I will revise the relation of the platform and spaces since they seem a bit unaware of each other.