What we are dealing for our project  in the studio seems like the exact creation of the planet Tatooine from the Star Wars universe in terms of the existing  landscape and the structures.  In Tuz Gölü, there is a certain vast white eternity with a few elements desert like where in Göreme we see the dinamic topography with carved spaces,dust and masonry architecture with small scale spaces. Tatooine seem like the combination of the two; we see  settlements installed with hut and dome shaped like sheds in a deserted area. The dominant color(dark beige) and the openings in spaces are the same with Göreme where the flatness of the landscape and the vastness are the same with Tuz Gölü.


I think the mash up of Tuz Gölü and Göreme is the land of Tatooine.


mash up _ Tuz Gölü&Göreme_