Full of merit, yet poetically, man

Dwells on this earth

“How can one dwell?”  a frequent question Heidegger tries to uncover through a late poem of Hölderlin’s. Also it is  stated at first that,  dwelling and poetic are incompatible with each other. The main thing is that Heidegger wants us to acknowledge the fact that we should not take “dwelling” word for word or with the ultimate abstract meaning. Dwelling seems like the eventual concept of how one can think through poetically and continue to reside in this world at the same time. Poetry acts as a bridge between fantastical world and the real world. You can be more free in this world we live in if you think poetically calls out Heidegger since you would open up your mind to anything that comes. For that reason, the thing that you generate and build upon these terms cannot be limited like as if you can only built buildings, there is much more to it than that.

Contorary to these eye opening ideas Heidegger was rather considered controversial along with his philosopher identity since his political beliefs  sometimes clouded his philosophical works in the eye of the public because of his assosiaciation with the Nazis.

(Martin Heidegger, Poetry, Language, Thought, trans. Albert Hofstadter, New York: Harper and Row, 1971.)

By the way, our newest assignment for ARCH 201 is called “On This Earth” also. This caught my eye since this passage is from the poem itself. Therefore, they have more relation than we were to think or assume. I will investigate this topic furthermore for the sake of the project.