Humanbeings profilated across the globe starting with Africa, West Asia, Europe, South and East Asia, Australia, North America and respectively South America. They have dwelled in socities of villages near caves and along shores.

Also, I came upon the information of first humans migrating to the Americas took place in 13000 BCE.

Another prospect is that in the Neolithic Period, Çatal Höyük comes to mind where pottery and woolen textiles are made  during 6000 BCE. Again in Göbekli Tepe, once a vast forest, during 4000 BCE lost inhabitants filled the site with earth; burying the great temples which were use for gathering places, religious centers for settled communities.

Nabta Playa in Southern Egypt, Stonehenge in England, Göbekli Tepe in Anatolia and Niuheliang in Nothern China are well known examples of ritual centers.