PINarchitecture is a monthly micro-competition that challenges designers to explore architectural subjects in a different way. The condensed submission format of a four inch circle challenges designers to be clear and concise in their expression.

as an assignment we have participated in this competiton.

 The Permanent Form ///

Everything that is designed and built will eventually be destroyed. By weather, wear, or war, built form eventually returns to its elemental state. Objects made of durable materials may last longer, but will not last forever. What if everything that was built became permanent? How might the process of design change when all objects, once fixed and formed, could never be altered or moved from its location? With finite material and space how must designers adjust to planning for the extreme long-term? How might future generations adapt inconvenient forms from the past to meet contemporary needs and functions? What happens when form becomes permanent?


Merve ŞANLI Ankara,Turkey PINarchitecture February 2016.jpg
my collage