Throughout the universe of Star Wars, we come across with some of the most eccentric fictional planets beyond imagination. Thanks to the help of computer generated imaging, George Lucas has managed to create this legendary space opus. As for telling a story that would affect generations concerning with the concepts of political sciences, retrofuturism, technology,etc.; certain settings are needed to demonstrate this virtual/fictional world. That’s where architecture is involved; in order to design and give life to the planets, spaceships, cities, buildings and so on. Architecture is not about just buildings. It is the composition of the elements that gives sense to the outer world. Well of course, form follows function. Everything that is created is related to one and other.

For me Tatooine is where it all began for both of the triologies. A desert planet actually filmed in the Tunisian desert town in Matmata, households young Anakin Skywalker -soon to be Darth Vader- and a teenage Luke Skywalker-Darth Vader’s long-lost son, the two protagonists of the saga. The creation of Tatooine is so ingenious since it holds information in so many levels. Twin suns represent Anakin and Luke: same blood, different personalities. Due to its arid climate, lifeforms are hard to come by; leaving an absence for most of the things. It is Anakin and Luke that give a meaning to the whole planet. They are the kickstarters for the Star Wars series. Also with its non-glorified but basic buildings and flat surfaces Tatooine portrays a pure and preliminary place for the initiation of Anakin and Luke’s souls.