Festival on Wheels introduces selection of short films and comics under the influence of jazz music in Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi.

Jazz Goes To Movies focuses on the cultural and esthetic relation between the scenes of different periods of time and the jazz genre with the contribution of Jonathan Rosenbaum-Chicago Reader’s former head film critic- and Ehsan Khoshbakht -film critic/curator/historian/architect-.


Comics from illustrator Naiel IBARROLA & writer Ehsan KHOSHBAKHT.


“Begone Dull Care” a short film by Norman McLaren

Abstract images drawn directly onto the film are accompanied by three pieces of jazz performed by the Oscar Peterson trio.

This particular piece of short film really mesmerized me since just last month I was dealing with the abstraction of images and then here in this short there are abstracted images created within the rhythm of jazz music.


Big Ben: Ben Webster in Europe (Johanvan der Keuken, 1966)

Black and white documentary about the famous tenor saxophone player Ben Webster.