Original broadcast on January 18,1958. Carnegie Hall in New York. New York Philharmonic Young People’s Concerts under the musical direction of Leonard Bernstein. A quote from Leonard Bernstein:

 “No matter what stories people tell you about what music means, forget them. Stories are not what music meansMusic is never about things. Music just is.  “

 It all starts with one note applied with different sounds. The combination of these sounds create music. Music is put together according to a plan with harmony, different instruments, rhythms, voices and so on. While being coordinated, music is what is felt during hearing. The complete set of emotions flows through our minds and hearts. Music can produce different emotions for every other people. That is without a doubt is a wonder.The way of orchestrating the harmonies, rhythms and melodies is the basis of the music.

 It’s just good, exciting music.

 Bernstein’s recommendation: Ravel – La Valse



 Vers une Architecture (Towards a New Architecture) – Le Corbusier

“Architecture only exists when there is a poetic emotion.”

Pure Creation of The Mind

 Architecture is more than a building. It is the expression of a thought or an emotion in a building created with harmony. Harmony in architecture is a personal feeling. According to Le Corbusier, architecture is the combination of construction and art. Precison and organization are also the touchstones of architectural creation.



 Both Bernstein and le Corbusier concern with the fact that only one element cannot stand by itself. Either if it is a musical note or a building. Emotions and opinions should be included. Consistency and organization are also parts of this composition that would be created.