For our first assignment in Arch 111 Architectural Communication Techniques we were asked to abstract the image of Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, Spain designed by Frank Gehry, 1997 only by drawing parallel lines (horizontal, vertical or angular).

 I chose to draw horizontal lines because I could use only a parallel straightedge which would enable me to ease the process of drawing. Also I paid attention to the weight, quality and sequence of the lines by using a variety of pencils such as HB,2H,4H,5H and 7H

 It took me almost a day to finish this assignment since I had to draw very carefully in order to avoid blurring my lines.There were times when I used 3 different pencil types while being on the same level. Besides, I cannot begin to explain my backaches I had to endure while leaning onto the table.

Assignment 01_image


ARCH 111 Assignment 01