My surrounding consisted of teachers and engineers  especially on my relatives’ side when I grew up. Somehow searching for art and derivatives meant a lot to me. The countless movies I’ve seen throughout my adolescent years was the first step for expanding my perspective. An education was necessary in order to move forward.  My fascination with the word “architecture” since my childhood enabled me to appreciate my environment and to observe carefully. I want to be involved with not just study books but also with real life products, models where I can express myself through my work and designs. In my mind,  architecture seemed to suit me as a result. Imagining of being in the world of architectural community gives shivers of  delight to me. Wherefore when I attended Arch Warm Up  when I was in high school, that experience gave me a real sense of how and what it would be like.  Seeing and feeling the ambience of the studios and the projects we made, talking with both the students and the instructors I envisioned myself as an architect and a free spirited human being. Also I made a really good friend who was going to study architecture as well. Luckily, now I’m able to study architecture I’m willing to learn and undergo as much as I can. Nevertheless it is not going to be easy peasy. Spending time on designs,models and constructing ideas will be my main occupation.