While I was taking a look at my TEDU Arch Studios Handbook this very morning I caught a glimpse of the right bottom of page 5 where John Lennon was saying “MAKE,DO,PRODUCE TWIST AND SHOUT” as an inside joke for architectural concepts next to his Beatles members . That image reminded me the famous scene from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off by John Hughes where Ferris was lip syncing the very same song “Twist and Shout” during a parade. While standing above on a parade car, Ferris was showing his natural skills with minor dance moves in order to cheer the audience surrounding him especially his uptight friend Cameron who was still upset with Ferris for skipping that day of school. Like a regular teenager Ferris was only enjoying the moment making both himself and the people near him happy with themselves for a while by blending in together with the soothing side of music and the joy of being able to savouring the purest aspects of the marvellous life we’re in. After listening to that song instantly I was again full with bliss, re-understanding that it is important to know to value the little but significant moments you can get to experience. Later that day while I was in Room A423 not listening to my friends speaking since everyone was sitting there in silence including me even though that was especially not the aim in which the lecture we were in since we had to communicate with each other, I have realised that the back wall of the class was covered with The Beatles wallpaper. Well if it isn’t faith or what?